Ash Slurry Disposal System

Lean Slurry Disposal System
The bottom ash and fly ash collected in the slurry sump through B.A and F.A. System is transported to ash dyke through Ash slurry pumps. The slurry pumps are arranged in single / series pumping as per the system requirement. The 1st set of pumps in series is provided with scoop controlled fluid coupling / Variable frequency drive for achieving head variation. Balance pumps in series are belt driven.

High Concentration Slurry Disposal System
HCSD system provided for disposal of Bottom ash and Fly ash in high concentration of about 60 % of ash content which reduces the water consumption, reduced size of disposal area, power consumption, eliminate ash water recovery system and many more. The system takes fly ash and Bottom ash from silos and disposed continuously as high concentration slurry to ash disposal area. The ash is mixed with water homogenously in the mixing tank (Agitator Retention Tank) ART with moist ash in a controlled manner through continuous automatic Instrument Based monitoring system to ensure that the basic slurry concentration remain constant during the transportation of slurry through carbon steel disposal pipe line.