Manufacturing Unit

At our well-equipped foundry, we carry out heat treatment for special alloy iron castings in order to achieve customer-specified physical properties in the products. These may include corrosion resistance, protection against abrasion, high strength and durability. Besides a molding and fettling section, our heat treatment section consists of the latest variety of heat-treatment furnace.
In addition, to obtain the best possible finish and aesthetic appearance in the castings, they are shot blasted, fettled and then finally ground.
Inspection & Testing
At Melco, we take pride in our rigorous standards of testing and quality control. A separate department and team have been instituted for this purpose. Our testing facilities cater to the entire gamut of destructive as well as non-destructive activities. Besides having a state-of-the-art spectrometer for chemical analysis, we have a number of machines for physical testing. These include everything from a universal tensile testing machine, profile projector and magnetic particle testing machine, to 2 types of hardness testers and a dye penetration test kit, amongst others.
Machine Shop
At Melco, we have all the requisite machinery to allow the production of the complete range of components for all sizes and shapes that may be demanded by customers in the sector.
A majority of the equipment we have is imported to ensure that we are at par with global norms. Our assembly section, similarly, is fitted out with high-capacity and sophisticated pieces of equipment. It is capable of catering to any assembly needed for ash handling and coal mill reject handling systems, be it in terms of Ni-hard, alloy steel, or stainless steel metallurgies. Coupled with the rich experience our qualified teams have, the equipment allows Melco to be able to fulfill even the most exacting of requirements requested by our customers.
Fabrication Shop
We have well equipped fabrication shop to carry out the entire fabrication of Ash handling and Mill rejects handling equipments. With our vast experience in fabrication work to produce quality and cost effective products, a State-of-the art fabrication facility has been installed for pre-fabricated structure.