Bottom Ash Transporting System

Ash formed due to combustion of pulverized coal in the steam generator is collected as bottom ash in the bottom ash hopper. Amongst the different systems and equipment we have in place for effective bottom ash handling, the below mentioned system.
Jet Pumping System
Bottom ash is continuously collected in the water impounded storage type bottom ash hopper located directly below the boiler furnace. The bottom ash hopper consists of one/two/three sections and stored ash to convey to the slurry sump/ ash dyke through jet pump. Each section shall be provided with hydro-pneumatically operated feed gate assembly, Clinker grinders, and jet pump shall carry bottom ash to ash slurry sump/dyke. High pressure water is supplied to the jet pumps to convey the bottom ash slurry to sump/Ash Dyke.

Submerged Scrapper Chain Conveyor System
We offer Submerged Scraper Chain Conveyor System (SSCC) also to convey of Bottom Ash. In this system, high temperature bottom ash from the boiler furnace is continuously discharged to the bottom ash hopper and further discharged into water impounded trough section of the submerged scrapper chain conveyor through hydro-pneumatically operated discharge gates provided below the bottom ash hopper. The discharge chute at the hopper outlet remains dipped into the water impounded trough section of SSCC ensuring sealing of furnace bottom. Bottom ash is extracted from the trough continuously using high quality chains, sprockets and bars. After the dewatering on the sloping portion, moist ash is discharged to a clinker grinder. The crushed B.A. is disposed either through sluice trench to slurry sump for onward pumping to ash dyke or belt conveyors to bottom ash storage silo for onward disposal as per requirement.

De-Watering Hydrobin System
The Bottom Ash slurry pumped through Jet Pump OR Slurry pump to Hydrobin where B.A. is settled down at the bottom and clear water is decanted through stationary and floating decanters to unload the moist ash in to open Trucks/ Conveyor. The decanted water is recycled after treatment.