Ash Water Recirculation System

As an industry veteran with sophisticated systems and equipment needed to cater to a wide range of services in ash handling, Melco India also has proven expertise and success in Recovery Water systems. Some of the most significant aspects that make our recovery water systems highly effective are:

Clarifier System

The Bottom ash, coarse ash & fly ash slurry disposed through ash slurry pumps to ash dyke. In the ash dyke ash particles settled and the ash water is recovered from the dyke for re-circulation/re-use. The ash water is pumped from ash dyke to ash water recovery system. In the recovery system the ash water from the ash dyke receives at stilling chamber and flow to flash mixer where required chemical will be added. The water from the flash mixer will flow to the clariflocculator where contaminated ash sludge will be separated and the clear water from the clarifier pumped back to ash water sump for re-use.

Tube Settler

Tube settler is the alternative to the conventional settling process of separating the solids from water. It is widely used to separate the ash particles from the ash water for re-circulating of the water in the system. The tube settler is a compact unit having high settling efficiency due to high surface area of tubes which reduces the requirement of the space and civil work. .